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About Us

INB Enterprises' focus is on finding specific, individual, cost-effective solutions for your business systems problems. We recognize that your business is not the same as everyone else's and we don't try to walk in with a preconceived plan or a one-size-fits-all outlook.

First, we listen.

INB has been in business since February 2002, but Terry Mahon, the principal consultant, has worked in systems since 1985 and as a consultant since 1994. Terry has a degree in Business (concentration in Finance), with a minor in Economics, as well as Computer Science.

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“You don't bring me problems, you bring me solutions” Pam M., manager at a major relocation company.

"Terry's techincal accumen is only superceded by his 'can-do' attitude." Malin Z., web developer

“[Terry] did a yeoman's job.” John H., marketing manager at a manufacturing company.