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INB specializes in implementing and customizing PC-based information systems

INB specializes in helping people and businesses get the most out of their information systems. Incorporated in February, 2002, but with systems experience going back to 1985, INB brings to you the skills and methodologies to deal with all phases of information system work, all the while maintaining a constant focus on YOUR business needs and bottom line.

Are you getting the best return on that investment you've made in your information system?

Do you get the information you need, when you need it, in a form that you can really use?


Has your information system kept up with the changes in your business, marketing, and technological environments?

Have you firmly set the direction of your information system for the near future?

Does your system actually reduce to a minimum the amount of time that you (and your employees) need to spend to get what you need out of it?

INB specializes in implementing and customizing PC-based information systems, offering a variety of technical services, plus analysis and recommendations to determine the best solution(s) for YOUR business, from both business and technical points of view.

INB works with you on the scale that you want and need, whether that be a few hours on a one-time task for a small business, several months on a major effort for a large business, or something in between.

Privacy Policy Summary
INB does not give, sell, rent, lend, or in any way share ANY information about you with ANYBODY. Period. See our full Privacy and Usage Statement here.

“You don't bring me problems, you bring me solutions” Pam M., manager at a major relocation company.

"Terry's techincal accumen is only superceded by his 'can-do' attitude." Malin Z., web developer

“[Terry] did a yeoman's job.” John H., marketing manager at a manufacturing company.