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Our Services

Creating new, custom applications. INB covers the full process from concept and design, through development and testing, to final implementation.

Modifying or adding to existing "home grown" applications.

Installing, tuning or adding to existing commercial (purchased) applications.

Developing and improving reports from existing systems.

Converting data from one format to another.

Automatically importing data from (or exporting data to) word processing documents, spreadsheets, and other systems.

Making upgrades and transitions.

Organizing and reporting on information in databases.

Database (Access, Oracle) design and tuning.

Building bridges between systems, so information flows automatically between them.

Analysis and recommendations to determine the best solution(s) for YOUR business, from both business and technical points of view.

EDI implementation.

“You don't bring me problems, you bring me solutions” Pam M., manager at a major relocation company.

"Terry's techincal accumen is only superceded by his 'can-do' attitude." Malin Z., web developer

“[Terry] did a yeoman's job.” John H., marketing manager at a manufacturing company.