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Major Corporate Headquarters:
The Billing application for their Training department took between 11 and 13 minutes to process one class, and due to information changes classes usually had to be processed multiple times. A rewrite of the process reduced the time to approximately 2 minutes per class.

An individual therapist:
Maintaining treatment logs and producing patient reports was a tedious and time-consuming task. Added automation to the process that saved considerable time.

Midsize manufacturing company:
A distributed marketing application needed updating for business and technical reasons, including a facility through which the 175+ field sales people could dial in to receive system updates. A complicating factor was that the new version had to be ready to be loaded on all the sales force laptops at their annual sales meeting. Delivered the application on time and saved the client approximately $12,000 by recommending that they trim out of the project a large part that I demonstrated was not necessary.

“You don't bring me problems, you bring me solutions” Pam M., manager at a major relocation company.

"Terry's techincal accumen is only superceded by his 'can-do' attitude." Malin Z., web developer

“[Terry] did a yeoman's job.” John H., marketing manager at a manufacturing company.